DesignPartner is created for designers and other who are designing knitware, freelance designers, yarn companies and magazines.

DesignPartner is used to create knitting charts in professiona quaility. The charts can be printed or exported for use with either Microsoft Office (Word, Publisher) or high-end layout programs like In-Design and Quark.

DesignPartner is based on Diagram, that for many years has been used by leading yarn companies includng Rowan, Dale, Sandness, many danish and norwegian free-lance designers and leading danish magazines. It has also been used for a large number og publications.

Now with DesignPartner we finally have a sucessor to Diagram that can run on Windows.

DesignPartner is the result of a close coopereation between Vivian Høxbro, one of the leading knitware designers in Denmark and her husband Jubbe Netterstrøm, who has been in the computer business for more that 40 years.